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QuestionTeX is a collection of LaTeX macros that enables authors to create multiple-choice tests.

Please note that the QuestionTeX syntax has undergone several revisions over the last few years. Many pages on lemuren.math.ethz.ch may be outdated, e.g. using \input{macros.tex} instead of \usepackage{questiontex}, using additional macros etc. These pages should be updated over time - please be patient.

QuestionTeX for Moodle

The QuestionTeX plugin for Moodle enables the import of questions written in QuestionTeX directly into the Moodle LMS. Export from Moodle to QuestionTeX is also possible.


  • For the convenient installation through the Moodle admin interface, the web server needs write permissions to the $moodle_root/question/format directory.
  • For manual installation (or if your Moodle version is < 2.5), copy the folder "qtex" to $moodle_root/question/format. Then, in the admin panel purge the Plugin list on Site Administration -> Plugins -> Caching -> Configuration
  • A configured and enabled TeX Notation filter is required to render the formulae (see https://docs.moodle.org/404/en/TeX_notation_filter for instructions). Consider in particular the MathJax filter https://github.com/oohoo/moodle-filter_mathjax
  • Handling of images requires PHP's zip extension to be enabled


Following the standard procedure for installing add-ons,

The QuestionTeX format should now appear in question export/import dialogues.


  • In order to improve vertical alignment of images, add the following css to your theme: .texrender {border:0px;vertical-align:middle;}
  • If you are looking for some QuestionTeX examples to test the import, check out the qtex/examples folder in the archive.

This plugin has been written in the LEMUREN project at ETH Zurich.