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An administrator can enable certain experimental features from the Experimental settings page of Site administration.

An experimental feature is defined as a feature which require additional testing and bug-fixing.

  • Drag and drop upload of text/links (See MDL-22504 for further details.)
  • Path to SassC - this setting allows an admin to specify the path to a binary file that will be used to compile SASS. When this field is set (and valid) - the provided compiler will compile SASS code instead of Moodle's built in PHP compiler. This makes the process of compiling SASS significantly faster. (See MDL-61394 for further details.)
  • Context freezing - this allows an administrator or user with the capability moodle/site:managecontextlocks to make categories, blocks, courses or course content 'read only'.
  • Content cleaning everywhere
  • Enable course relative dates, allowing courses to be set up to display dates relative to the user's start date in the course.
  • Enable sharing to MoodleNet so teachers can share content to MoodleNet, if they have the capability moodlenet:shareactivity (enabled by default for managers and teachers.)
  • Enable commmunication providers - so that admins can configure course communication options such as Matrix or a custom link.