Context freezing

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Context freezing is an experimental feature which allows administrators and users with the capability to manage freezing of contexts to make categories, blocks, courses or course content 'read-only'.

To use this feature, you need to enable it in Site administration > Development > Experimental settings.

Administrators can edit frozen content, unless the setting 'Context freezing applies to administrators' is enabled.

Users may be given the Manage freezing of contexts capability enabling for example teachers to lock courses once they are over, or close forums when discussions have ended.

Note that, as this is an experimental feature, there are some unexpected behaviours. These include:

  • the possibility still to duplicate activities even when they are frozen
  • the possibility to move and hide frozen blocks
  • no possibility of unfreezing a label because its settings are not available in Boost
  • "Download all submissions" in a frozen assignment reports there are no submissions

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