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workplacelogo.png This feature is part of Moodle Workplace™, which is available through Moodle Partners, but is also available as Moodle LMS plugin.

This documentation is valid for both Moodle Workplace™ and Moodle LMS, but some features could be available for Moodle Workplace™ only.

Certificates are a great incentive for both formal and informal training. Moodle Workplace allows you to design engaging certificates and then award them to users in different ways.

Certificates are diplomas that can be issued upon completion of activities, courses, programs, and certifications. Site-wide certificates can be created in Moodle Workplace, and certificates may be shared among tenants.

This Workplace feature is also available in Moodle LMS (see Course certificate and Certificate manager plugins), but some features such as the certificate issuing through Dynamic rules are only available in Moodle Workplace.

Moodle Workplace Certificates

The Certificate tool consists of two main components:

  1. Certificate templates: manage and create certificate blueprints
  2. Issuing certificates: issue certificates either via dynamic rules, manually, or using the course certificate activity

Moodle Workplace comes with a powerful built-in certificate generator that lets you design templates so that you can issue diplomas or certificates of participation.

Users can view their certificates in the My certificates section in their user profile. A direct link to this area is <URL>/admin/tool/certificate/ my_certificates.php. This is where all the certificates of a user are listed, including a PDF view of them and a download option.

Site-wide options can be configured in the Certificates settings.

Moodle Workplace ships with a Certification manager role (tool_certification_manager) that is applied in System context. The role allows the creation and management of certifications within the current tenant and allocating users to them. The role has the additional permission to View all issued certificates and templates (tool/certificate:viewallcertificates).