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Martin Langhoff @ Milford Sound
Martin Langhoff @ San Francisco Moot

Core Moodle developer since 2004, often blamed of tuning things for scalability and performance (mainly the v1.9, v1.4 and v1.5 releases) and servers, auth/enrolment plugins, MNET, PostgreSQL support and other trivia.

At Remote-Learner

From early 2013 I am working on "Product development" at, a Moodle Partner. We will see where the rabbit-hole leads :-)

One Laptop per Child... and One Moodle per School!

From March 2008 to 2010 worked on getting the School Server for OLPC ready for prime time. My title @ OLPC was architect, but the job description is actually get it done. Whether it is drawing pretty high level architecture plans, working with on-the-ground local teams on configuration, hacking on Moodle or getting dirty with OS-level programming, I was there.

Here is our XS roadmap.

Later (2010~2013) I got dragged into responsibilities around the XO laptop and operations. Delivered XO-1.75 and XO-4 working with an outstanding team of developers.

Catalyst roots

Early on, I founded the e-learning team @ Catalyst IT, a Moodle Partner, developing and customizing Moodle for institutions in New Zealand and around the world. A good part of the e-learning work was done under the NZVLE project, part of (which is also one of my projects).

Catalyst IT also has a lot of experience in the enterprise sector and high-scalability installations, with hundreds of thousands of users and courses. The team has some great people. You will see them posting in the Moodle forums often ;-)

Other projects

I also hack on other interesting projects:

My personal focus is on leading Linux-based development projects, using PHP, Perl, Apache, OpenLDAP, PostgreSQL, MySQL and a few other trinkets. At home, add books on media, psychology and postmodernism.

In my spare time (?) I do some volunteer work for the Open Source community. When possible, I help Debian and Ubuntu efforts. Unfortunately, I've missed the last few Debconfs.