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Edit comments Feb 2012

This page in my opinion is for site administrators managing roles. It tended to talk about users, when it actually meant a role. Users only have certain capabilities-abilities based on their contextual role. I added some examples.

I will check to see where the documentation has user overides

I deleted the reset role to defaults because I could not see that on the "Define roles" menu tabs. It maybe elsewhere but I looked in site administration Permissions and did not see it. --Chris collman 23:44, 25 February 2012 (WST)

Hi Chris, thanks for your improvements to Managing roles. A 'Reset to defaults' can be found on each role definition page (when you click on the name of a role from the Manage roles page). Perhaps it could be mentioned in Creating custom roles. --Helen Foster 15:28, 16 March 2012 (WST)

Comment 2023-09-07 on Allow role overrides

I find this description confusing:

"Allow role overrides

The "Allow role overrides" tab allows (or does not allow) a specific role to be able to override specific roles for a user. For example, it might allow a teacher role to override a student's role to a non-editing teacher's role.

   Note that the settings only apply to roles that have the capabilities moodle/role:override or moodle/role:safeoverride allowed."

We are talking about "overriding permissions" here. That is, allowing e.g. a Teacher to override the permissions (i.e. capability settings) for a particular other role they are allowed to modify. This could be viewed as an equivalent of "Define roles" adjustments carried out at a local level. The statement "override a student's role to a non-editing teacher's role" is much too vague and suggests we are operating with entire roles (which is what assigning roles is for) rather than at the lower level of permissions and capabilities that make up these roles. My suggestion for a change of wording would go something like:

"For example, it might allow a teacher to override (fine-tune) some of the specific permissions (i.e. capability settings) of a student's role so as to make it resemble the non-editing teacher's role in some respects - whether at the course participants' level or within an individual activity."

I thought I'd first ask my question here rather than going ahead and changing the existing wording. Thanks.