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In MWP 3.10, we are having difficulty getting custom variables to be replaced. we use 4 separate custom variables and they appear to be defined correctly:

[session:location] [session:venue] [session:room] [session:join]

They ARE working in when you click the "details" button in the session booking

This feels like a bug to me and we have an urgent need to get this functional. None of the joining instructions come across to the user (either in the email body or the ICS).

We also think that this is a bit spammy WRT to notifications. Multiple emails are sent to a user, which could be better streamlined. Ther is a "notification type" dropdown selection box available to a user, however, this can be easily overlooked. ICS only seem like the most sensible, however for multiple sessions, it would be far better to include multiple ICS attachments in a single email.

Finally, a feature request.

The idea of custom fields is good, however, not all sessions will likely use all custom fields, so the ability to disable/enable them per session would be useful. This would allow us to define some fields to provide defaults for online events and other fields for in-person events.

Thanks for issue report Chris Swinney. I think part of it is addressed already in WP-2614 and another part is recorded in WP-2642, please comment in the issues if you have something to add. Will you be able to re-submit feature request as tracker issue? We don't really have a wiki support path (unless this is related to page content), so please try to use tracker in future. Ruslan Kabalin (talk) 09:47, 2 June 2021 (UTC)

Ruslan Kabalin - if I only I could view and comment on those issues, I would, but I do not have the permission to do so. Where does this leave us?