Quiz Time Limit

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This page contains general solutions for the outcomes of zero grades associated with using Quiz Time Limits.


If a student gets a zero for a timed quiz is because an attempt hasn't been submitted in time.


  • If there was saved attempts and no submitted attempts
  • If the quiz couldn't be auto-submitted at the quiz limit (JavaScript disabled - considered "cheating")
  • If the quiz is left open / closing after the quiz limit (quiz start time + quiz limit)

Resolution / Workaround

Automatic regrading of the quiz will only fix situations that a student has saved and submitted answers under the quiz duration and within the allowance of 60 seconds over the quiz duration.

Otherwise you can click on the last column of the submission to review the answers per question per attempt and manually grade them in the grade book.

More information

Details about the Quiz Duration :-

Time limit

By default, quizzes do not have a time limit, which allows students as much time as they need to complete the quiz.

If you do specify a time limit, then several things are done to try and ensure that quizzes are completed within that time:

  • JavaScript support in the browser becomes mandatory - this allows the timer to work correctly
  • A floating timer window is shown with a countdown
  • When the timer has run out, the quiz is submitted automatically with whatever answers have been filled in so far
  • If a student manages to cheat and spends more than 60 seconds over the allotted time then the quiz is automatically graded zero