Questionnaire question types

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Question Types

Select the type of question from the drop-down list and click on the Add selected question type button. This is what each type will look like in your questionnaire.

---Page Break---

Use this to insert page breaks in longish Questionnaires. Note that if a page contains questions with required response the respondent will not be allowed to navigate to the next page unless those required responses have been given.

Check Boxes

Note.- Radio Buttons and Check Boxes can feature an optional Other button/box with a fill-in-the-blank text field.


Use the day/month/year format, e.g. for March 14, 1945: 14/3/1945

Use this question type if you expect the response to be a correctly formatted date. The format will depend upon the language currently being used by the questionnaire respondent. For example 4/21/2007 (US); 21/4/2007 (UK); 21-4-2007 (France); etc. An example will be displayed in the questionnaire. If an "impossible" or wrongly formatted date is entered, it will either be re-written or reformatted correctly (if possible) or an error message will be displayed to the respondent. In order for dates to be correctly exported to spreadsheets such as Excel, respondent must enter a date in the 1902 to 2037 range. If a date outside this range is expected from respondents, then use the Text Box question type instead. The date question type will accept dates consisting only of a month plus a year (e.g. 12/2008 for December 2008) or only a year (e.g. 2008). However, for spreadsheet processing compatibility, such incomplete dates will be automatically transformed to complete dd/mm/yy dates, e.g. 12/2008 -> 01/12/2008 and 2008 -> 01/01/2008. You may have to explain this pecularity to your questionnaire users beforehand.

Dropdown Box

There is no real advantage to using the Dropdown Box over using the Radio Buttons except perhaps for longish lists of options, to save screen space.

Essay Box

Settings are available for enabling or disabling the HTML editor and for setting the height and width of the plain textarea box.

This is not a question but a (short) text which will be displayed to introduce a series of questions.


Use this question type if you expect the response to be a correctly formatted number. By using the Max. digits allowed and Nb of decimal digits parameters you can specify the length and number of decimal places required.

Radio Buttons

questionnaire radiobuttons.jpg

Rate (scale 1..5)

questionnaire rate 01.jpg

See the Nb of scale items & Type of rate scale parameters help for more options for this question type. See also the Possible answers help.

Text Box

You can set the Input box length of the Text Box and the maximum text length of text entered.