Plagiarism Prevention Ouriginal Settings

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Activation of your Ouriginal Account

  1. obtain an Ouriginal Subscription from

Installation of the plugin

Installation using Git

from the root of your install:

 git clone git:// plagiarism/urkund

then add plagairism/urkund to your .gitignore Visit the Admin > Notifications page in Moodle to trigger the upgrade scripts

Installation using a Zip file

Download the zip: or the tar.gz:

Then Extract these files into a new folder under /plagiarism/urkund and visit the Admin > Notifications page in Moodle to trigger the upgrade scripts

Installation failed due to unprocessed data

This error may occur when you try to upgrade to a version of the Ouriginal plugin that uses the new Moodle events API - it occurs when your installation contains unprocessed events related to the old API. If we ignored these events and upgraded then it is possible that some previously submitted files will not be sent to Ouriginal for processing.

This is most likely to have occurred if a user has submitted an assignment since the last time your scheduled task process was run.

There was also a recent issue related to group-based assignments that could cause a backlog of events - you may want to apply this fix to your old version of the code to address this. Alternatively use this link to download an complete version of the Ouriginal plugin that includes the fix related to the backlog of events.

You can see a list of the queued events in your database by running the following sql query(eventdata is base64 encoded and serialized):

   SELECT, qh.status, qh.timemodified, eq.eventdata, eq.stackdump, eq.userid, eh.eventname,
                  eh.component, eh.handlerfile, eh.handlerfunction
                 FROM mdl_events_queue_handlers qh
                 JOIN mdl_events_queue eq ON = qh.queuedeventid
                 JOIN mdl_events_handlers eh ON = qh.handlerid
                 WHERE (eh.eventname = 'assessable_file_uploaded' or eh.eventname = 'assessable_content_uploaded' or eh.eventname = 'assessable_submitted')

To clear these events normally, you should revert the Ouriginal code to using an earlier version, place the site into maintenance mode (to prevent any other submissions from occurring) run the cron process (sometimes multiple calls are required) until the above sql returns no results. If you have an event in the list with a high "qh.status" value it is possible that this event is causing the queue to block. You could relatively safely try deleting any records with a qh.status higher than 5 and then run cron multiple times until the queue is cleared, and then try to upgrade to the new version of the Ouriginal plugin.

If you are not concerned about these events and it does not matter if these submissions do not get posted to Ouriginal for processing you can run the following SQL command to clear the queue and allow the upgrade to continue.

   DELETE FROM mdl_events_queue_handlers WHERE handlerid IN (SELECT id FROM mdl_events_handlers WHERE component = 'plagiarism_urkund')

Global Configuration of Ouriginal

  1. Go to Admin > Advanced Features find the setting “Enable plagiarism plugins” - make sure the box is ticked.Enableplagiarism.png
  2. Go to Admin > Plugins > Plagiarism Prevention > Ouriginal
    1. Tick the box "Use Ouriginal"
    2. Enter your Ouriginal UIS username
    3. Enter your Ouriginal UIS password
    4. Set the Student Disclosure statement. - this is displayed to all students on the upload screen to notify them that the URKUND system is in use. Urkundsettings.png
  3. in the page Admin > Modules > Activities > Ouriginal click on the tab "Ouriginal Defaults"
    1. Configure the default settings to be used inside a Moodle module when creating/editing a new module. Urkunddefaults.png

Advanced Configuration

The ability to enable/disable Ouriginal within a Moodle module such as an assignment is managed using a capability that is by default given to all managers and editing teachers on the site. If you want to force all assignments on your site to use Ouriginal and prevent your teachers from changing these settings you can set the defaults above and then remove the capability “moodle/plagiarism_urkund:enable” from your teacher roles.

You can also use this capability to selectively allow certain teachers to use Ouriginal by setting the default above “Enable Ouriginal” to “No” - and giving the capabiltiy “moodle/plagiarism_urkund:enable” only to the teachers you want to be able to use Ouriginal