Plagiarism Prevention Compilatio Settings

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Activation of your Compilatio Account

  1. obtain a Subscription from

Installation of the plugin

Installation using Git

from the root of your install:

 git clone git:// plagiarism/compilatio
 cd plagiarism/compilatio
 git checkout MOODLE_23_STABLE

then add plagiarism/compilatio to your .gitignore Visit the Admin > Notifications page in Moodle to trigger the upgrade scripts

Installation using a Zip file

Download the zip: or the tar.gz:

Then Extract these files into a new folder under /plagiarism/compilatio and visit the Admin > Notifications page in Moodle to trigger the upgrade scripts

Global Configuration of Compilatio

  1. Go to Admin > Advanced Features find the setting “Enable plagiarism plugins” - make sure the box is ticked.Enableplagiarism.png
  2. Go to Administration > Plugins > Plagiarism Prevention > Compilatio
    1. Tick the box "Use Compilatio"
    2. Make sure the integration address is the same as provided from Compilatio.
    3. Enter your Institute code.
    4. Set the Student Disclosure statement. - this is displayed to all students on the upload screen to notify them that the Compilatio system is in use. CompilatioAdminSettings.png
    5. click on the tab "Compilatio Defaults"
    6. Configure the default settings to be used when creating/editing a new module.


Advanced Configuration

The ability to enable/disable Compilatio within a Moodle module such as an assignment is managed using a capability that is by default given to all managers and editing teachers on the site. If you want to force all assignments on your site to use Compilatio and prevent your teachers from changing these settings you can set the defaults above and then remove the capability “moodle/plagiarism_compilatio:enable” from your teacher roles.

You can also use this capability to selectively allow certain teachers to use Compilatio by setting the default above “Enable Compilatio” to “No” - and giving the capabiltiy “moodle/plagiarism_compilatio:enable” only to the teachers you want to be able to use Compilatio