Non-editing teacher role

From MoodleDocs

  • A non-editing teacher is able within a course to view and grade students' work, but may not alter or delete any of the activities or resources.
  • This role might typically be given to a classroom assistant for example.
  • In courses where groups are used, the non-editing teacher may well be responsible for one particular group and will not need access to other groups.
  • In new installations of Moodle, non-editing teachers do not have the capability moodle/site:accessallgroups and so cannot by default access groups of which they are not a member. In sites which have been upgraded to Moodle 3.2 or later, non-editing teachers do still have this capability by default. Thus, if you only want them to access the groups for which they are responsible, then remove this capability at the course or site level.

Doing so has many benefits:

  1. non-editing teachers can only see the groups that they are in;
  2. the Dashboard only shows updates for their groups;
  3. they only receive forum notifications for their groups; and
  4. ithey can only mark the groups that they're responsible for.