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The Special pages link the the MoodleDocs Toolbox (usually found on the left) contain a list of page links.

Special pages list

  • All pages : All the pages in MoodleDocs in alphabetical order, including redirects.
  • Book sources : ISBN Book Sources.
  • Broken Redirects : A list of redirects to pages that do not currently exist in MoodleDocs.
  • Categories : A list of categories currently used in MoodleDocs.
  • Dead-end pages : Pages without any outgoing links.
  • Disambiguation pages : List of pages linked to a disambiguation page (indicating a word, phrase or term with more than one meaning). A page is put on the list when a disambiguation template {{Template:Disambiguation}} is included.
  • Double redirects : a list of redirect pages that lead to another redirect page.
  • Export pages  : Produces an XML file containing the wikitext and metadata of either the current version only, or all revisions, of one or more pages, specified in the form of a list; the XML file is in the format required for Special:Import; exporting is typically done either in preparation of applying the latter at another MediaWiki project, or for searching within old page revisions.
  • File list : List of images uploaded that can be sorted by size or date.
  • Gallery of new files : Gallery of new files, usually images.
  • List of blocked IP addresses and usernames : Blocked IPs and usernames.
  • Login : Creates a new login cookie for a user.
  • Logs:List of all recent activity in MoodleDocs.
  • Long pages : Pages in the MoodleDocs, with size in bytes, in order of decreasing size.
  • Most linked to pages  : Pages with most links to. Pages, includes talk and page comment pages.
  • My watchlist : Show the pages you are watching.
  • New pages : Newest pages with creation date and time, current size, user who created the page, and first edit summary, in reverse order of creation.
  • Oldest pages - pages in MoodleDocs, with date and time of last edit, in order of last edit.
  • Orphaned pages : Articles with no links to them in MoodleDocs.
  • Popular pages : Pages listed my number of total views since MoodleDocs was created.
  • Preferences : Select preferences to customize the appearance and behaviour of the software.
  • Random page : redirects to a random page from MoodleDocs
  • Recent changes : The latest edits in the project.
  • Short pages : List of pages showing size in bytes, in order of increasing size.
  • Statistics : total number of pages and users.
  • System messages : Displays messages available in MoodleDocs (technical).
  • Uncategorized categories  :
  • Uncategorized pages : Pages without category tags at the bottom.
  • Unused categories  : Categories that are no longer used in MoodleDocs.
  • Unused files : A list of unused image files.
  • Upload file : Upload an image or file to MoodleDocs.
  • User list : A list of all registered users.
  • Version : Shows the version of the MediaWiki software that MoodleDocs currently running, and a listing of extensions installed.
  • Wanted pages : Broken links, or pages which have been requested. Specifically those pages that have at least 2 incoming links, but do not exist.

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