Manual accounts

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  • Location: Administration>Site Administration>Plugins>Authentication>Manage authentication.
  • Manual authentication is enabled by default in Moodle and requires the administrator to manually create all the user accounts.


Password expiry settings

An administrator can specify an expiry time for passwords and when to notify users of the imminent expiry by enabling the setting in Site administration>Plugins>Authentication>Manual accounts.


Locking user fields

  • The settings page in Administration>Site Administration>Plugins>Authentication>Manual accounts allows for certain fields to be "locked". Users are not allowed to change the locked fields.


Adding a new user

This may be done on an individual basis in Administration>Site Administration>Users>Accounts> Add a new user

How to add a new user

Adding users in bulk

This may be done via a text file upload in Administration>Site Administration>Users>Accounts> Upload users

How to bulk upload users