Magtest module

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The Magtest module (also standing for Magazine test module, as inspired by the Leisure press personality test customs, or even Multitrack test) provides a multitrack scoring test allowing participant classification in categories. It is simple to setup and use.

The Magtest module defines categories of answers, then defines questions and answers for each of the available categories.

The only activity of students is to perform the test chossing one of the proposed answers, and read result profile feedback (highlighted) at the end.

The module settings allow the test to be played once or accept multiple attempts (by capability). Also answers can be weighted, so adding more or less credits to an output category.

Making groups in course with magtest

Enabling the group making feature, the result of the magtest can be converted into group definition in course. Setup allows defining the group name and group description that will be generated from the magtest participants classification.

Note that to avoid misuse of this feature, the course MUST have no Groups defined to allow groups generation.


Installs as a standard activtiy plugin by unpacking the module in 'mod' directory and run notifications.


The setup properties are as defined in the setup form


  • Test screen
  • Preview (teacher)
  • Categories (teacher)
  • Questions (teacher)
  • Results (teacher)
  • Stats (teacher)


Capabilities for students

  • mod/magtest/multipleattempts : People having this capability enabled can replay the test
  • mod/magtest/doit : People having this capability can play the test

Capabilities for teachers and power users

  • mod/magtest/manage : People having this capability can edit, add, delete categories and questions
  • mod/magtest/viewotherresults : People having this capability can access to results of all participants
  • mod/magtest/addinstance : People having this capability can add an instance in the course (standard capability)


  • mod/magtest/viewgeneralstat : People having this capability can access to global stats

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