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Licence settings

  • An administrator can specify the default site licence from Site administration > Licence > Licence settings.
  • The setting 'Remember user licence preference' (enable by default) will remember the last licence selected by a user when uploading a file. If the setting is disabled, the default licence will be used.

Licence manager

  • From the licence manager, the administrator can disable certain licences (except the specified default).
  • A button 'Create licence' allows the administrator to enter details of a custom licence, along with its URL:
Creating a custom licence

Users can now select Creative Commons licences version 4.0. (The 3.0 licences have not been altered).

Licences affecting what users see

Note: The licence given to a file when uploaded to Moodle does not in any way affect its visibility on a course. It simply creates the default when it is being re-used elsewhere. This default licence can be changed at the time of display.