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How can I monitor my students' / teachers' actions in a Lesson?

One way is to use Event monitoring. There are events for viewing content pages and answering question pages (students) and creating, updating and deleting pages (teachers).

Jumps not working in a question

A wrong answer should go to "this page" in my lesson. But after the student answers it, the student goes to the next page.

If the maximum attempt is set to 1, then the student will be advanced to the next page after they choose a wrong answer that is sent to "this page". If it is set to 2, after the student selects the wrong answer the 2nd time they will be sent to the next page. This can be used to keep the student out of an endless loop when than can not answer a question correctly.

Edits of answers are not saved

I have a 4 answer multiple choice question. I can only seem to save the first two answers, their jumps and feedback. Any edits on the last answers, their jumps and feedbacks are not saved. Moodle does not tell me there is anything wrong. Same thing happened with a Content page. I can not seem to get the last two descriptions change after I save an edit. GRRRRR!

  • Go back to your lesson settings. Maximum number of answers is probably set to 2; change it to 4 or the maximum number of answers or descriptions in your lesson. Now the edits can be saved.
Tip: Changing the "Maximum number" as a teacher builds a lesson is a trick used to limit scrolling passed unused answers or branch choices to get to the save button. For example, 15 pages have 4 choices but one page will have 8 choices. The teacher will use "Maximum number" at 8 setting only when they initially create that page, then switch it back to 4. They (and their students) will always see all 8 answers but the lesson setting will prevent them from editing some of them.

Multiple Choice and Multianswer issues

When I check the multianswer box in a multiple choice question, it does not work. It makes random jumps and does not put the teacher's response with the students choice.

  • In a Lesson module multianswer question, all the correct choices must have the same jump and teacher response. All the wrong choices must also have the same jump and teacher response.

Are there some examples of Lessons I can see?

There are several examples of lessons on the School demo site http://school.moodledemo.net/ which you can access as a guest or log in to use it more interactively.

  1. A lesson about dyslexia: http://school.moodledemo.net/mod/lesson/view.php?id=752
  2. A decision making exercise on mountaineering : http://school.moodledemo.net/mod/lesson/view.php?id=432
  3. A lesson on understanding water shortages: http://school.moodledemo.net/mod/lesson/view.php?id=156

The lesson was completed but it does not record it

  • Every lesson must have one question that a student must answer in order for it to show up in some reports. This can affect Grades and a Lesson's dependency setting (see other FAQs below).
Tip: There are lots of creative ways to put in a question, such as setting a multiple choice question so that all answers are correct and the answers act like a content page. Or put in content and then award 1 point for "next page" as the answer and do not include the score in grades.
Tip: Due to a specific Lesson's design, some students can complete the lesson without answering one or more questions which have been placed in the Lesson. When Lesson can not record any scores for a student, no grade is pushed to the gradebook. It may appear therefore that Lesson is being inconsistent in recording grades.

Dependency in Lesson does not work

The second lesson tells the student they must complete the first one. They did - what is wrong?

  • For dependency to work, you need to have at least 1 question page in the lesson. The student may not need a minimum score, but Lesson needs to know that the student tried a question. You can always put a question as the first or last page, You don't need to ask a question but do put in an answer of "continue" with a jump of the next page.
  • Also for dependency to work, the lesson can not be a practice lesson.

How to add sound to a lesson page

Can I turn off the answer shuffle in a lesson?

  • In short, no. Turning off the page and answer shuffle are Quiz options, but neither is found in Lesson. A minor hack to the Lesson code is possible but that would impact the entire Moodle site.
TIP: If you don't need to score students answers in a question, then consider using a Content page instead of a Multiple Choice or a True/False question.

Can I change standard words used by Lesson?

  • Yes. You or your site administrator can edit the language file called Lesson.php. This will impact the whole site. Your site administrator might create a language just for you and then in Lesson settings use the force language option.

Grrr something happened -lesson list is not right - I can't move things

Try a backup and restore of your course to solve some of those "quirky" issues.

  • Example: I was building a course, started adding lessons to topic 2 and then realized I should move it up to become Topic 1. Did that and continue to add lessons to topic 1, then lessons to topic 2 etc. Later I had to add lessons to topic 1. I did but could not move them between those first lessons I created. Every time I tried to move them they went to the bottom of topic 2! I also noticed that my list of just lessons, showed those first lessons as being in the correct course display order but showed they were in Topic 2!.
  • Moral: Sometimes a backup and a restore will re-establish harmony and fix things.

What happened to my HTML code on a Lesson page?

I had the lesson page formatted just the way I wanted by using the HTML source toggle on the tool bar. I went back in to tweak my code and some of my code was missing!

  • Lesson will "clean" up your HTML code every time you toggle into HTML text. This can be frustrating, especially if you are trying to get a flash file to display just right. Save you work in a text editor, so the next time you tweak it, you can paste all your code back in.

Pages are not displayed in the lesson's left menu

The Lesson module's left menu navigation feature, only displays content pages. If your lesson only has question pages, it will not display any pages. Use a content page before a series of question pages, so your students will know where the series starts. Alternative, use the same content page and put links to each of the question using descriptions and jumps. Remember, you can effectively have the student jump past (not view) this content page as they go through the lesson and only reach it via the left menu.

Students are not returning to where they left the lesson

A student has left the lesson after looking at 10 pages. The next time they return to the lesson they start at the beginning again. How can the student return to the same place?

You have seen more than one page of this lesson already. Do you want to start at the last page you saw?

Several things must be met before this will happen. First make sure your lesson settings allow the student to retake the lesson and that this lesson is not a "practice" lesson. The important thing is that the above words are not exactly correct. They are correct only when the student left immediately after answering a question in a Lesson. For the purposes of returning to the same place, Lesson only remembers question pages as benchmarks. So lastly, make sure you have questions scattered in your Lesson for this feature to work and tell students.

TIPs: Use a content page at the start of the lesson as a table of contents, so the student are forced to remember where they are but can jump to your teaching points. Or put a question at the start or end of every "teaching point". And of course, you can tell your students how it is going to work.

Can I change the End of Lesson page display

Yes it is possible for the site administrator to change the text strings for all Lessons which use a specific language. For example, some sites do not want a student to see any reference to grades. By editing the correct text string, it is possible to replace "Your score is 9 (out of 10)" with "Be sure to get your certificate". Or change "Congratulations - end of lesson reached" to "We hoped this lesson helped you".

Tip: It is possible to force a language in a course in the Appearance settings. A site administrator can create a "new" language, with different text strings. This would allow different courses to have what appears to the student as different end of lesson pages. See this post for creating a new language based upon another.

Can a student review a lesson attempt after finishing it

No, that is not possible. See https://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDL-19948

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