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The H5P essay module allows the teacher to make a question that will be answered in a way similar to the standard Moodle essay question type, but the answer will be automatically marked by the computer, according to some keywords defined by the teacher.

This is not as powerful as the Essay (auto-grade) question type additional plugin by Gordon Bateson.

Important notice (warning)

Due to how H5P behaves in Moodle, most content types allow for unlimited attempts by students. You should not use H5P for major assignments such as exams.

How to use it

Open the Content bank and add an Essay:

H5P Content bak add Essay.png

Write the Title, the 'Task description' (the question text) and an (optional) Help text.

H5P Essay 02.png

The 'Sample solution' is an optional way to give the students an example and the explanation for the example.

The 'Keywords' can be as many as you (reasonably) want. You must write one keyword (which itself can be one or several words) in one item. Each Keyword can have as many 'Variations' (one per box) as you (reasonably) want.

H5P Essay 03.png

You can also include feedback to show if one keyword is missing in the answer: H5P Essay 04.png

The 'Behavioural settings' allow the teacher to:

  • set a minimum and/or maximum number of characters
  • enable retry
  • ignore score
  • enable/disable UPPERCASE/lowercase sensitivity

There is a section for 'Text overrides and translations'


The teacher would be wise to try the new essay questions made with a (fictituos) student account before using them with real students.


This auto-grade essay question can be used in any standard Moodle server, as there is no need to install any additional plugin


This auto-grade essay question is not as powerful as the Essay (auto-grade) question type additional plugin by Gordon Bateson.