Google Drive converter

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Files submitted by students in assignments may be converted to PDF files with the Google Drive converter. Teachers can then annotate directly on the submissions. This option provides a useful alternative for those organisations who are unable to install Unconv for document conversion.

Using the Google Drive converter

To enabling the Google Drive converter, an admin must

  1. Set up and configure the OAuth 2 Google service.
  2. Connect the Google service to a system account.
    1. Go to Site administration > Server > OAuth 2 services
    2. Click on the icon under "System account connected" column if there is a red X for Google.
  3. Go to 'Document converters' in the Site administration and enable the Google Drive converter.
  4. In the settings, select Google as the OAuth 2 service, then save changes.

A link is available to test the document conversion is working correctly. If you obtain a message saying that the system account is not linked, go to the OAuth 2 Google service settings and re-connect the Google service to the system account.

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