Flashcard module: Leitner Use A Deck

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Using a deck is that simple !!

Start with first card.

flashcard presented.jpg

Guess the answer, searching in your own memory. You now just can check if you were right or wrong, clicking on the card to turn it round.

flashcard turned.jpg

Now you were really right or mistaken. The flashcard module just would like you tell it what how was your guess. You may cheat here, but there is far no interest in it... and would have no consequence.

I got it !!

You were right, and tell the flashcard. This card will be stripped off the deck and will be added to the easier deck (or may stay in this deck if it is the easiest). You may be asked to review that card less often.

I failed !!

You were wrong (and you know you were !). The card will be stripped off for that play, but remains in this cardset. You will have to review it next round. Make a little effort and try to find a way to memoize it.

Reset Cardset

You can reload this deck to make a new play.