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How can I allow non-logged in users to give feedback?

  • As an administrator, go to Administration>Site Administration>Plugins>Activity Modules>Feedback.
  • Change "Allow full anonymous" to "yes"
  • Note that this only works for the front page, and NOT for courses with guest access.
  • You will also need to check that Authenticated User and Guest role both have permission to Submit Feedback Activity.


How can I allow teachers and non editing teachers to give feedback?

  1. Go into the course as admin
  2. Click on your feedback you want to use for your teachers
  3. Click on "Permissions" inside the Administration block
  4. In the dropdown list "Advanced role override" choose "Teacher" or how ever your teacher role is named
  5. Look for "mod/feedback:complete" and set it to "Allow"
  6. Click on "Save changes"

How do I create a Feedback activity and add questions?

  • From the Add an activity... drop down, select Feedback.
  • Complete the Name, Description, and other options then save.
  • To add questions to your Feedback activity, click the link for the feedback activity, click the Edit questions tab, and add questions.

Can I make questions dependent on previous responses?

Yes. See the section on Dependence item and Dependence value in Building Feedback.

Is Activity Completion recorded if the Feedback activity is set to anonymise usernames?

Yes. If the Feedback activity is set to Anonymous usernames, and the Feedback activity is set to record Activity Completion, then the activity will still be marked as complete and the user will show up in the activity completion reports.

Is Record user names Anonymous mode truly Anonymous?

No. For the 'Record user names' setting even in Anonymous mode the username of the user who took the Feedback is still recorded in the database just as with non-anonymous Feedbacks, but the name is not show to anyone on screen in Moodle or in reports or downloads. Anyone who has direct access to the database could see and extract the name of the user who took an anonymous feedback.

This explains why Activity completion still works in Anonymous mode since it actually knows the user who completed the Feedback.

Is Allow full anonymous mode truly Anonymous?

Yes*. If the Administrator has enabled the 'Allow full anonymous' setting for use of a Feedback on the front page of the site, then users who are not logged in when they take the Feedback are anonymous: all attempts are recorded as from userid 0 which does not otherwise exist.

  • However the IP address of the user is collected as usual in the system logs with time and date and IP address as having viewed the front page: there is no information that they have specifically taken the Feedback. Under GDPR, an IP address can be considered personally identifiable information in some cases. If you need to comply with the GDPR, consult your Data Protection Officer if you plan to use the Feedback module in this way on the Front page.

If the user has an account on the site and logs in and takes a Feedback on the frontpage, then their userid and name is recorded as usual.

I do not see the Edit Questions tab. What should I do?

This does happen sometimes. Usually, logging out of the course and then logging back in will take care of this problem.

What are the differences between Feedback and Questionnaire?

Questionnaire is an additional plugin. For a discussion about their differences, see the forum thread Questionnaire v Feedback

Any further questions?

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