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What are LTI External tools?

LTI External tools are add-on apps you can integrate into your course, such as interactive content, activities, or assessments It is similar to SCORM as a standard for educational objects, but instead of being a package of content that is uploaded to Moodle, LTI is a way of integrating the functionality provided by another system into your course.

How can I get my activities created with LTI External tools to display on the Dashboard in the Course overview block?

Set an 'Expect completed by' date in the Activity completion section in the External tool settings.

What versions of LTI does Moodle support?

LTI 1.1 Advantage and LTI 1.3 Advantage.

How do I restrict a tool to specific users?

As site admin, when you configure the tool in Site administration > Plugins > Manage tools, set the tool configuration usage to 'Do not show; use only when a matching tool URL is entered', then email the tool URL to the specific users.

How do LTI External tools work with course backups?

When you back up a course that has LTI External tools, only the tools that are being used in an activity will be included in a backup. Tools that are in Course page > More > LTI External tools but are not used in the course will not be included in the backup.

Any further questions?

Please post in the LTI and Moodle forum on