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How do I enable course completion?

At the site level, Completion tracking must be enabled in Site administration > Advanced features > Enable completion tracking for it to be available for use in courses.

At the course level, Completion tracking must then be enabled for each course, in Course navigation > Settings> Enable completion tracking and then Course completion should be enabled from Course navigation > More > Course completion.

For more, see Course completion settings.

Students have completed the criteria but the report does not show it

Check in Site administration > Server > Scheduled tasks that the task 'Calculate regular completion data' is running frequently enough, such as every minute. You need to make sure the cron is running properly on your site, since all course completion is handled by cron tasks and does not happen immediately in the way that activity completion does.

How can I get course completion recalculated?

If you have activity completion as a completion requirement and the activity completion data changes (for example if you change an assignment grade), you can get the course completion recalculated by unsetting then resetting the course completion requirements.

I have set up course prerequisites but my students can still access the second course before they have finished the first

This is by design. The course prerequisites feature does NOT prevent students from accessing courses they are actively enrolled in. It merely prevents the course from being marked as "complete" until they have completed the first course.

How can I prevent my students accessing course 2 before they have completed course 1?

This is currently not possible using completion settings (see MDL-22648).

The would have to be controlled by your Student Information System (SIS) which manages enrollments, if you have one.

Otherwise, if you use course self-enrolment, a workaround is to add a final activity at the end of course 1 - such as a quiz - inside which you give the enrolment key to the next course (in the quiz feedback for example, or in a label using access restrictions based on passing the quiz). Thus, only those who have completed course 1 can get access to the enrolment key for course 2.

I made a mistake and had to erase my student data. Do my students have to redo the activities?

No. For example, if you set the course completion for All aggregation methods and wanted to reset it to "Any", Moodle will warn you that you are deleting compiled student data. It will delete the student data only for the course completion information. When the scheduled task for handling completions next runs, it will recompile the course completion information. However, if manual completion of an activity is a course completion requirement, students will need to re-tick that they have completed the activity.

How can a teacher allow students to manually mark they have finished the course?

Install the Self completion block. Be sure and give students some directions that when they click on the link in that block, that will indicate to the Teacher that they think they are done.

A student received an error message when they click on "More information" in the course completion block

This may happen at the start of the course when the student has not completed an activity and/or you have selected an aggregation method of All and have not checked off that they have completed the activity. See also Self_completion_block

I can't remove a course requisite

  • In the Course completion settings, locate the box 'Available courses' where the course requisite is highlighted.
  • Press CTRL+ click and this will deselect your previously highlighted (selected) course and it will no longer be a requirement.

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