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Note: The installation of the XMLRPC PHP extension is not needed for the latest versions of Moodle core anymore. All MNet features continue working exactly the same, but using a PHP library instead (see MDL-76055 for details).

If you were using the webservice_xmlrpc plugin for integrations with other systems, be warned that it has been removed from core for Moodle 4.1 (see MDL-76052 for details). It's now available @ and has been also published in the Plugins directory. Note that, if you want to continue using this plugin, then you will need, before starting the upgrade process, to:

  1. Install the XMLRPC PHP extension, the webservice requires it.
  2. Install the webservice_xmlrpc plugin, from the links in the previous paragraph, into the webservice/xmlrpc directory.
  3. Then, and only then, start the upgrade process.
  • This allows a user to use the XML-RPC protocol for Web services
  • This capability is not set for any of the default roles unless the setting 'Enable web services for mobile devices' is enabled, in which case the capability is allowed for the default role of authenticated user