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The Solution sheet assignment plugin allows teachers to upload files with solutions to their assignment, which can be released to students manually or at a scheduled time.


In Mathematics and other science subjects, coursework assignments are usually accompanied by model solutions which are released to students after the due date, and to markers beforehand. This plugin allows teachers to upload these solution sheets as files, e.g., in PDF format, to the Moodle Assignment activity.

Solutions are initially hidden to students, and the teacher can release them either manually, or at a specified time after the due date. Further, they can automatically be made unavailable after a configurable date.

Teachers and markers (nonediting teachers) can view the solutions at any time.


To add solution sheets to your assignment, edit the Assignment settings and expand the section "Feedback". Tick the "Solution sheets" box.

You can now upload one ore more files (solution sheets) using the file picker below. Also, choose when the solutions will be released to students:

  • No means they are not visible, but can be released manually by the teacher, using a button on the main assignment page.
  • Yes, from now on releases the solutions immediately.
  • Yes, ... after the due date will release them at the specified time after the assignment due date. Note that this refers to the main assignment due date and does not take any user-specific or group-specific extensions into account. If you need to cater for these, manual release will likely be the better option.

You can also specify a date from when the released solutions will be hidden, e.g., the end of term.

Students can view the released solution sheets from the main assignment page, directly below the assignment description.


The plugin uses the following capabilities:


Required to view the solution sheets after they have been released. Assigned by default to the student role.


Required to view the solution sheets at any time, even before they have been released. Assigned by default to the editingteacher and teacher role.


Required to upload solution sheets and to change their visibility.