Flashcard module: Edit Screen

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The edit screen allows the teacher to design and update the complete card set.

flashcard edit.jpg

Editing a text input

To edit a standard text input, just enter the text in the presented textarea. You may use multilang tags for making multiple language questions (resp. answers).

Editing a sound or image input

Both sounds and image will use the text description as a path to a stored file. You need uploading your resources first. The directory for uploading media resources is automatically created when creating a new flashcard activity. It is constructed as moddata/flashcard/%flashcardId% in the course file folder.

For pointing a resource file, once the directory fed with resources, just click on the choose button below the textfield. You will be prompted a popup directly bound to the resource directory for choosing a file.

Editing a sound/image couple

In the "image + sound" mode, you have to choose both an image and a sound. The procedure is just twice the above, each media component having its own input field.