Flashcard module: By User Summary

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The "per user" summary will allow the teacher to check the memorisation progresses of the students.

flashcard per user summary.jpg

Knowing how many cards remain

In each user row, the decks will grow in height as much as they have many cards in. You can roll over the deck to get the exact card count in this deck.

The display will show you as many decks than used in the flashcard configuration parameters.

Knowing the lateness of a student

The clocks will tell you how many days the student has left before having to review a deck. If the student is late, Red clocks will tell how many days late was the student.

Resetting a user

You may click on the reset button of a user to fully reset the Leitner deck. It will be considered has having seen no cards at all.

Little hack : I don't want to see teacher's status in "per user results"

This is a little hack that needs uncomment just one line in the flashcard code (usersummaryview.php §35).