Announcements forum

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The Announcements forum is a special forum for general news and announcements. A course may only have one Announcements forum unless it has been imported from another system which supports more than one Announcements forum.

This forum is automatically created in a new course. By default, it is placed in the top of the central section and only teachers and only users with appropriate permissions (by default teachers) can post in it. The forum has forced subscription set by default.

The Latest announcements block displays a specific number of recent discussions from the Announcements forum.

Removing Announcements

Announcements may be removed from a course as follows:

  1. In Course settings set "Number of announcements" to 0
  2. Delete Announcements from the course homepage
  3. Delete the Latest announcements block
  4. Alternatively - hide the Announcements forum

(To restore Announcements set the "Number of announcements" to a number greater than 0.)

Stop the auto-creation of Announcements by default

As a Site administrator, it is possible to set the “Number of announcements” to 0 in Course default settings, which means that an Announcements forum will not automatically be added to new courses. That can be overridden in individual courses.