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UNEDTrivial is an activity plugin of Moodle that allows teachers to create interactive tests based in two principles in the field of educational psychology

  • Testing effect: according to which the best method to fix the knowledge after study sessions is answering test questions.
  • Spacing effect: the spaced repetition of the same questions, on certain intervals, increases to long-term retention.

This tool contains a gamifications element, such as leaderboard, and is compatible with automatic Moodle badges awarding. It sends daily emails to participants in order to improve the engagement factor during the time the activity lasts. UNEDTrivial offers to teachers a great analytics page too, where can be possible to carry out a daily monitoring of student performance, in addition to serving as feedback to debug the activity in successive occasions, thanks to tables and charts.

The plugin can be installed and used from Moodle 3.0 onwards, however, to activate chart functionality, it's necessary to use Moodle 3.2 or higher version.

Following, there is a brief explanation about student and teacher interface, in order to help users to understand the plugin:

UNEDTrivial from the teacher point of view

UNEDTrivial from the student point of view