Skype module

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The Skype Module allows interaction between all teachers and students in a course using Skype.

This module was created by Amr Hourani with community input guiding its development. Lead maintainer, AL Rachels, 20200507. Previous maintainer, ETHz ETH Zürich.


  • Two types
    • Teacher to teacher
    • Teacher/student to student
  • Several options
    • Create Conference,
    • Create Chat,
    • Send Voicemail,
    • Add Contact,
    • Send File


Users must have a Skype ID in their profile, and must have at least Skype version 2.0.79 installed and configured correctly for this activity module to recognize them. The module functions best when placed as an activity inside a course because the module uses role based assignments of student and teacher. Unless you have front page student/teacher roles assigned, the moodle skype mod can not 'see' the users. --E. L. Cooper 17:50, 1 April 2009 (UTC)