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New navigation in Moodle 4

Keyboard support for navigation

Keyboard/Screenreader and Voice input users can access navigation by using the Tab, Space, Enter and right/left arrow keys.

Site administration settings

An administrator can change navigation settings, such as the default home page for users, and whether to show course categories in the navigation, in Administration > Site administration > Appearance > Navigation.

If Show course full names is enabled, courses in the Navigation block will be shown with their full name rather than their short name.

If navshowcategories is enabled, but there is only one category on the site, it will not display in the navigation bar.

The setting Always link course sections can be enabled to link the course sections. When a section name is clicked either in the navigation block or the central course content area, it will go straight to the items in that section. When using the Boost theme, 'Always link course sections' must be enabled for course section links to display in the navigation drawer.

Note for administrators

If you are not directly associated with a course (that is, if you don't have a teacher, student or other role actually defined in the course) it will not appear in your Navigation menu. Also, if you are not directly associated with at least one course in a category, the category will not appear in your Navigation menu.

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