Improving English language strings

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The English (fixes) (en_fix) language pack

Suggested fixes for typos or misspellings and any other suggested improvements to English language strings in the Moodle core may be submitted via the Translation site by contributing them to the English (fixes) (en_fix) language pack, as described in contributing a translation. They will then be reviewed and merged with the English (en) language pack two weeks prior to each release (as mentioned in Release process).

Sometimes bugs reported in the tracker can be fixed simply by changing an English language string. In these cases, the string can be changed in the en_fix language pack and the issue closed (as mentioned in Bug triage), thus saving developer time in not having to create a patch, go through peer review etc.

New features and improvements

Developers can add the ux_writing label to issues to receive help with wordings of new features and improvements.

Otherwise all new and changed language strings (as listed in the Notification of string changes forum) are reviewed prior to each release, and any improvements (for consistency, clearer description etc.) are added to the English (fixes) language pack.

Using en_fix versus changing strings in a patch

en_fix is mainly for fixing or improving the English - typos, incorrect spelling or grammar, consistency improvements. For major terminology changes, a patch should be used. Note that UI string changes can require Behat tests to be fixed.

en_fix and different versions

Changes should be applied to all supported versions (but not security only) unless there is an exceptional reason for not doing so. Applying to all branches doesn't result in extra work for translators because AMOS automatically propagates the changes if they apply.

English child language packs

The following child language packs enable particular strings to be changed:

  • English - United States (en_us) - for US English versions of words e.g. 'enroll' versus 'enrol', 'color' versus 'colour' and 'point' versus 'mark'
  • English for kids (en_kids) - for simplified English words and phrases for use with younger children
  • English - Pirate (en_ar) - for 'Talk Like a Pirate' day phrases

Additional plugins

Suggested fixes for typos or misspellings and any other suggested improvements to English language strings in any of the 1000+ additional plugins available for Moodle should be forwarded to the plugin maintainer listed in the Moodle plugins directory. Plugin maintainers are generally happy to receive suggestions for improving their plugin.

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