Editing text

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  • The usual way to edit or create text that is part of the visual content of a course is by using a Text editor.
  • New in 4.2: The default editor is known as the TinyMCE editor. An older editor Atto editor is also available but due to be phased out. A plain text editor is also available. See Formatting text for other options.
  • The administrator decides which editors to enable or disable in Site administration > Plugins > Manage editors. The default editor for all users is the editor listed first.
  • Individual Moodle users can, if allowed by the admin, choose their own text editor from the Preferences link in the user menu top right.

Text editing on a Moodle site

To edit the terms in the Moodle interface, rather than the course content, administrators can make changes by customising the language on a site wide basis.

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