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Read on for an overview of the key features and improvements in Moodle 4.1, or watch our YouTube playlist of 4.1 New features.

For role-specific information, see New for teachers, New for students and New for administrators.

The list of major features and improvements can be found in the Moodle 4.1 release notes.

Database UX improvements


Useful start page

A useful new start page makes it easier to set up your Database activity


Choice of presets

Three new Database presets are available.


Preview presets

Preview presets before using.


Approval status

Approval status is clearly visible and easy to manage.

Gradebook UX improvements


Single view report

Search by user, group or grade item in a clearer Single view interface


User report

Collapse categories for clearer viewing


New Grade summary report

Access a useful new Grade summary report.


Extra Grade letters

Increase the number of elements in the grade scale

Question bank improvements


Inline editing

Edit a question title directly from the Question bank.


New columns

New 'Modified by' and 'Last used' columns

Custom reports enhancements


Additional report sources

Several extra Custom reports sources are now available to improve reporting.

Custom report settings.png

New Custom reports settings page

Optimise performance by limiting settings in Custom report settings.

New in integrations


Updated TinyMCE editor

If enabled by admin, a new version of the TinyMCE editor is available.


Guest access to BigBlueButton

If enabled by admin, teachers can invite external guests into the BigBlueButtonroom.

New for all


Timezone in profile

Easily view a user's timezone from their profile.


Force a language in activities

Teachers may force a language in an activity as well as in the course.