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Calculated multichoice questions are like multichoice questions with the additional property that the elements to select can include formula results from numeric values that are selected randomly from a set when the quiz is taken. They use the same wildcards than Calculated questions and their wildcards can be shared with other Calculated multichoice or regular Calculated questions.

The main difference is that text and the formula can be included in the answer choice as {=...}.

Text added to choice

In this example we want the student to see text in the answer along with the answer. Given a question written by the teacher as:

Calculate the area of a rectangle where l = {A} cm  and h = {B}cm.

The correct answer choice text written by the teacher would be:

The rectangle's area is {={A}*{B}} cm2.

The correct answer's choice will display as:

The rectangle area is 10.0 cm2 

The variables picked by the dataset in the example were {A} = 4.0 {B} = 2.5 .

You will also need to provide distractors - additional incorrect options presented to the student to choose from. In this example with rectangle's area, example formulas for incorrect answers could be

The rectangle's area is {={A}*{B}-{B}} cm2.


The rectangle's area is {={A}*{B}+{A}} cm2.

Showing a formula as a choice

In this example, we want the student to demonstrate they know how to correctly factor out a binomial equation. We want every student to have a unique problem to solve.

For example the teacher enters the question as:

Given the binomial equation 3x2+5xy+2y2, where x = {A} and y={B} how would you simplify it before solving it?

The correct choice would be written:

This polynomial can be reduced to (3*{A}+2*{B})({A}+{B}).

This choice would display as:

This polynomial can be reduced to (3+4)(1+2).

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