Workplace list course format

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workplacelogo.png This feature is part of Moodle Workplace™, which is available through Moodle Certified Partners and Service Providers only.

Workplace list format

Moodle Workplace ships with a modern-looking and intuitive course format, without losing any of the features and functionalities of the standard Moodle LMS.

The side drawer should be familiar since this is very similar to the arrangement in standard Moodle LMS. The same holds for the navigation in the form of a breadcrumb trail as well as blocks that are displayed on the right and which can be rearranged once the editing mode has been activated.

The content part allows users to expand and collapse topics. Progress for each topic is visualized by a thin progress bar. Activity completion is recorded to the left of the activity or resource name. Restricted activities auto-update without page refresh when activities are completed. Details for locked items will be shown when clicked.

The Workplace theme contains new icons that are in line with the Moodle Workplace branding. Apart from the Appointment booking and Course certificate activities, all other activities and resources are identical to standard Moodle LMS: