VMware installation

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This documentation will explain the installation of VMware for use with the Moodle Virtual Appliance. To get the VMware server software to run the Virtual Appliance go to their site here: [1]. Through the download process you will come to a screen asking you to register for your serial number to activate the VMware server. It is free and this is only so that VMware can track who is using their software. Steps are in place to get the server installer bundled with the Appliance download.

The appliances can be downloaded here: [2].

Once the appliance(s) is downloaded, extract it from its zip file. Then launch VMware and open a Virtual Machine. That will open a small window asking you to select a Virtual Machine from the list or Browse to a location to add the Virtual Machine. Click the Browse button and find the folder where you left your Virtual Machine and select the .vmx file. This has added the Virtual Machine to VMware. Release 1 of the Virtual Machine is allocated 256MB of ram and Release 2 is allocated 768MB of ram. This may have to be adjusted in order to have the Virtual Machine run properly on your system.

After that is done. Hit the play button and check out your now running Moodle Server.

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