Translating Moodle Academy

From MoodleDocs

The translation of the Moodle Academy courses is a different process then the translation of the Moodle interface. While the translation of the Moodle interface is about changing the code, the translation of the Moodle academy is about changing the content of Moodle courses. Therefore, the process is different and it happens on another location.

You start by following a course about translating Moodle Academy. When you completed the course, the Moodle Academy managers will review your work and upgrade your rights on the site. This process takes a couple of days.

When your rights are upgraded, you will have an extra icon next to every item in the courses on Moodle Academy, allowing you to translate the content directly into your language. Changes will take effect immediately.

So move on to the Moodle Academy translation course and create valuable documentation for your colleagues and other users of your language.