Section block

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A section block

The section block displays the resources and activities of a section as a block. The displayed section can come from any course. When added, the block defaults to display section 0 from the current course. This block is available from the plugins directory or



Configuration options include the block title, the section number, and the id of the course the section belongs to. The block/section:editcourses and block/section:editsections permissions control who is able to set the section and course ids. Administrators and Managers have these permissions by default.

Course ID

The course id selects the course containing the target section. By default, the current course id is used. When on the main course page, the course ID can be found in the URL: A url of indicates a course id of 42.

Section Number

In course formats with sections, such as the Topics and Weekly course formats, the sections are numbered from 0 to the total number of topics/weeks. A course with 3 topics or weeks has sections 0, 1, 2, and 3.

Social course formats have only one section by default, section 0. This section is displayed in the Social activities block.

The front page also has a section 0, which may be displayed in the main area or in the Main menu block.