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  • Students procastinating too much?
  • Are they playing games instead of studying?
  • Well now you can motivate them by allowing them to do both at once!


quizventure example.png

Quizventure is an activity module that loads questions from the course it's added to. The possible answers come down as space ships and you have to shoot the correct one.

Versions available

Currently this plugin is only available for Moodle 2.7 and newer

Module Installation

You can either:

Login to your moodle site as admin,

Go to ' Site Administration > Notifications ' and follow the prompts

Details and Setup

It only supports multiple choice and matching questions for now (other questions types wil be ignored).

Just copy the questions into the courses default category, and add the game to your course.

The plugin would show a warning message if there are no multiple choice questions in the default category.

How to add the game to your course

  • Go to your Moodle course
  • Turn editing on
  • Click on 'Add an activity or resource'
  • Choose Quizventure
  • Click add
  • Write a name and description
  • Save the changes

Suggested uses

Foreign languages teaching is a prime example of how this plugin can be useful for fun practice.

Available translations

  • Mexican Spanish