Quick Find List Block

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This block allows users to be found quickly by use of AJAX searching. If Javascript is not available, it will fall back to use PHP forms.

Configuration options

When it is first added to a page, it will be configured to search All Users. Configure the block as below to narrow this down by role.

The first option is the role the searched users are to have; if the block is in a course it will find users with that role assigned in that course (not inherited), if it is on the front page/my moodle it will search for users with that role anywhere.

The second option allows you to define the text to display for each user. This can be any combination of their First name, Last name and Username. Enter the place holders as described on the form to define the format.

The third option allows the list to link to a page other than the users' profiles, for example setting it to "http://your.moodle.site/blog/index.php?userid=" would make all the links point to the users' blogs.


To use it just start typing any part of the users name into the box, as you type the list of names will appear and be narrowed down. Once you can see the user you want to find just click on their name.