Portfolio Plugin for Evernote

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Evernote is used by a large number of people to store their daily files and activities. Especially, in the field of education, many educators and students use Evernote to share their notes with others. With this plugin, the users are able to sync their Moodle and Evernote activities in a better way. This plugin enables the users to export the desired Moodle content to their Evernote accounts in a clean and simple way.

Installation Steps

  • If you don't have an Evernote API key beforehand, go through the following steps:
    • Go to Evernote Developer's page.
    • Click on 'Get an API Key button'
    • In the API Permissions block, click on 'Full Access'. Then fill up the other details and submit the form.
    • Register your API key as a public key from Evernote.
  • Now having the Evernote key, you need to request Evernote for activating the key. This will ensure that the key works on the Evernote production servers (The key which is not activated, runs only for Evernote Sandbox Accounts). If you don't have an activated key yet, follow the following steps:
    • Go to Evernote Support.
    • Click on the button 'Activate an API Key
    • Fill in the correct details and submit the form.
    • Please note that it might take a few days for Evernote to activate the API Key.
  • Download the Evernote Portfolio plugin from Github.
  • Extract the zip file in your Moodle directory (Moodle_folder)/portfolio.
  • Rename the folder of the plugin to 'evernote'.
  • Log in to Moodle as administrator and install the Evernote Portfolio.
  • Ensure that Portfolios are enabled on the site on Site Administration->Advanced Features.
  • Enable the Evernote plugin from Site Administration->Plugins->Portfolios->Manage Portfolios
  • In the form that appears, select 'No' for Using Testing Server if the Evernote Key has been activated. Else, select 'Yes'. Note that while using testing server, you'll be using the Evernote Key for the Evernote Sandbox Accounts. This is a testing platform provided by Evernote to test out the plugin before use. You'll need to have a separate Sandbox account to test the plugin on your account. The Sandbox account is independent of the main Evernote account.
  • Enter the API Key and the Secret Key you registered at Evernote and click on Save.
  • You have now activated the plugin for Evernote.

Moodle Versions Supported

Currently the plugin supports Moodle versions from 2.3 and upwards.

Items which may be exported to portfolio

Export of all the items which are supported by default in Moodle Portfolio are supported. They are listed below:

  • Assignment submissions - single and multiple file uploads
  • Chat sessions
  • Database activity module entries
  • Database activities
  • Forum posts
  • Glossary entries

Sending the Data to your Evernote Accounts

  • Click on Export to Portfolio link on any forum post/chat sessions/database entries and activities/assignment/glossary entries you want to send to your Evernote Account.
  • Select 'Evernote' and click 'Next'.
  • Fill out the necessary details and click 'Next'.
  • Here you get the summary of the details you had entered in the previous form. Click 'Next' to finalize the export.