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Give students the power to record and submit audio and video responses in quizzes...
Poodll Recording Question enables students to record audio and video responses right inside Moodle's native Quiz.

After installing Poodll Recording Question, teachers are able to select "Poodll" from the list of questions when making a quiz. When answering the question, students are presented with a recorder which they use for recording their answer. The Poodll Recording Question requires the Poodll Filter. Teachers are able to choose the audio or video recorder skin that best serves their purposes, and all recordings are reliably stored on your Moodle server.

Please watch the Poodll Recording Question video for an overview.

About Poodll Recording Question

Poodll Recording Question makes collecting, storing, and playing student audio and video question responses effortless. Although the Moodle essay question permits file submissions (including audio and video) from students, there are a number of practical considerations. Without a built-in recorder, it may be unclear to students how to record and upload. Files may be submitted in formats that the teacher cannot open without downloading additional software. Some formats produce very large files that exceed course or site upload limits. All of these issues are avoided when using Poodll Recording Question. Recorders appear right on the page, and Poodll handles recording, storage, transcoding, and playback to ensure that students and teachers do not encounter technical issues.

Use Cases

Assessing Student Speaking

Without audio or video recording, it's often impractical for teachers to evaluate a student's oral responses. Recorded audio and video questions allow asynchronous assessment of student speaking, allowing teachers to preserve valuable instruction time. Poodll Recording Question is perfect for remote learning contexts in which learners lack the opportunity to demonstrate speaking skills in a shared physical space.

Speaking Practice

In language learning contexts, teachers are always searching for new opportunities to get their students speaking. Recording questions give language learners the opportunity to practice basic skills such as self-introductions or provide oral responses to prompts prepared by the teacher. Recording questions provide an open response format for students to express themselves to the best of their abilities.


Getting Started

Poodll Recording Question requires the Poodll Filter.

  1. Visit the Classic Poodll page at poodll.com
  2. Take a "30 day Free Trial"
  3. Register your Moodle site URL on your member page
  4. Dowload and install the Poodll Filter. Be sure to read the support documentation.

Then you can install Poodll Recording Question as usual from the Moodle plugins directory. Please see the Poodll Recording Question support documentation for more information on installing and using Poodll Recording Question.

About Poodll

Poodll has been making plugins for Moodle since 2011. Our software has helped teachers build and deliver language courses in thousands of Moodle websites worldwide. Search for "Poodll" in the Moodle plugins directory to see a list containing more than 25 of our plugins. Poodll is based in Nagasaki, Japan.

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