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NanoGong provides a very simple and transparent voice support for Moodle. Using a NanoGong activity and filter, it provides two different types of voice support for Moodle.

NanoGong icon can be used to record, playback and save a voice file, in a web page. The playback can be changed by the listener. The Listener's version of can be saved to the listener's hard disk. A NanoGong activity allows the student to submit their recording to the teacher.


  • Record at one speed
  • Create individual copy at a different speed
  • Save copy on local hard drive
  • Student can send back to teacher
  • As of version 3.3, the NanoGong activity module supports backup/restore functionality. Administrators can now easily backup/restore a course with NanoGong activity using the standard Moodle backup/restore procedure.

Tips & Tricks

  • Note: When downloaded, the HTML area (HTML edit tool) for a specific version of Moodle, will change the core Moodle code.
  • Warning 2: When you install Nanogong in 1.9.x, you must also visit the admin page of the HTML-editor and switch the editorhidebuttons off for the Nanogong button. (default hide is on after install)
  • If you install the minimum NanoGong (that is, without the HTML editor component), only the student role has the ability to record. The teacher can create a NanoGong activity and adjust the activity settings, but will not see any NanoGong recorder. To give the teacher access to the NanoGong recorder, the HTML editor component must be installed.

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