Moodle app SCORM player

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The Moodle app SCORM player enables the playing of SCORM 1.2 packages online and offline.

When a user loses connectivity, offline mode is enabled automatically and all interactions that are tracked by the SCORM package are saved.

When a user is online again, the offline attempt is synchronised back to the Moodle site, either merging it with other incomplete attempts on the site or saving it as a new attempt.


The Moodle app SCORM player requires Moodle 3.0 onwards. In Site administration > Plugins > Activity Modules > SCORM Package the setting 'Protect package downloads' should be disabled (default setting).

The Moodle app SCORM player may be used on sites running Moodle 2.6 to Moodle 2.9 if the Moodle app additional features plugin is installed.

If the playing of SCORM packages offline is not desired, the setting 'Protect package downloads' may be enabled. If the Moodle app additional features plugin is being used, the setting can be found in Site administration > Plugins > Local plugins > Moodle Mobile additional features.

The ZIP file containing the SCORM contents should not be Windows specific. If your SCORM package contains directories using the inverted path separator "\" they won't work in Android.

Technical details

The Moodle app SCORM player provides support for:

  • SCORM 1.2 packages
  • Objectives, interactions and prerequisites
  • SCO navigation via nav.event
  • Uploaded packages, remote zip packages and zip packages in any type of repository supported by Moodle

The Moodle app SCORM player does not currently support:

  • Remote imsmanifest.xml packages or file system repository unzipped SCORMS
  • Opening of packages outside the app e.g. in a new browser window
  • JavaScript pop-ups via (Mobile device limitation)

Tips for Moodle app friendly SCORM packages

  • Try to reduce the size of the images and use mobile-compatible formats e.g. png
  • Try to reduce the size of videos and use mobile-compatible formats e.g. mp4
  • Avoid using Flash or FLV
  • Avoid using images, files or media on remote sites
  • Avoid using pop-ups
  • Avoid using advanced HTML5 features, as they may not be supported by old devices such as iOS 4 or Android < 4.4
  • Avoid having a left navigation menu as part of the SCORM package, as this reduces the space available for the package content
  • If you want to display your SCORM package in semi full-screen mode (it will just remove the app bottom menu), you have to configure it in Moodle so it will open in "New window" via the SCORM module Appearance settings.