Gallery owner role

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The role of Gallery owner may be used to provide editing capabilities (add and edit gallery images) to users on individual Lightbox Galleries.

Role set-up

  1. Access Administration > Users > Permissions > Define roles
  2. Click the button "Add a new role"
  3. Give the role a name e.g. Gallery Owner, short name and description
  4. Change the capabilities mod/lightboxgallery:addimage and mod/lightboxgallery:edit to allow
  5. Click the button "Add a new role"

Role assignment

  1. When viewing a Lightbox Gallery, click the button "Update this Gallery"
  2. Click the tab "Locally assigned roles"
  3. Select the Gallery Owner role
  4. Select a user in the potential users list, and use the left-facing arrow button to add them to the existing users list

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