Documentation philosophy

From MoodleDocs

  • Focus on Moodle Docs as the central Moodle knowledge-base
  • Transfer content from forum discussions (e.g. answers to how-to questions, ideas/suggestions of ways of using a particular feature) to Moodle Docs
  • Encourage newcomers to contribute to Moodle Docs
"New users are ideal for writing system-level documentation aimed at new users. They have the point of view and experience with the current software at the system level rather than at the library level. The most common evidence of this is FAQ lists, in which issues repeatedly raised on mailing lists and chat sessions are answered." Source: Documentation issues in open source
  • Encourage regulars to contribute to Moodle Docs by adding content in response to a question in the forums, then provide a link to the Moodle Docs page in the forum discussion
  • Provide "See also" links in Moodle Docs to additional information in forum discussions e.g. Forums (though if the forum discussion leads to a conclusion/agreement then this should be transferred to MoodleDocs)