Admin presets block

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Allow users with the site configuration capability to export the site settings to .xml presets, import other sites .xml presets, load (totally or partially) presets settings and rollback the applied changes if necessary.


  • Export system settings to XML files
  • Import presets files
  • Preset preview and partial load
  • Rollback applied changes
  • Option to auto-exclude the sensitive data (like passwords) when exporting settings
  • Editable sensitive setting list
  • Third parties plugins supported (as long as they use the moodle core admin_setting classes)


  • Download the latest version from the Modules and Plugins entry
  • Unzip and rename the folder to admin_presets
  • Copy the admin_presets folder inside blocks/
  • Login as an admin user and install as usual through the 'Notifications' like of the frontpage administration block
  • Reconfigure the sensible settings if it's necessary

Import / export

You need to add the Admin Presets block to the Moodle Front Page (Home).
  • Go to "site home" or use your url with /?redirect=0
  • Use burger to add a block on the Front page
  • Select "Admin presets"

You can look the screenshot of this page.

Add Admin Preset block to the Front page


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