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Word table format

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Moodle2Word is a Moodle plugin that allows question banks to be exported from Moodle into a Word file. The Word file can then be used to quickly review large numbers of questions (either online or in print), or to prepare paper tests (where the answers and feedback is hidden). Questions in the Word table format can also be imported back into Moodle.


  • The tables contain all components of a question, including the stem, answer options, option-specific and general feedback, hints, tags, and any images.
  • All the main question types except Numerical and Calculated questions are supported.
  • With the aid of commands in an external Word template, questions can be re-formatted to hide the answers etc., allowing the questions to be printed as a paper quiz.
  • Questions can be edited in Word, and then imported back into Moodle. That means you can import the following:
    • Matching: Match 4 or more words or phrases.
    • Multiple-Choice: Choose the 1 correct answer from 4 or more possible answers
    • Multiple-Answer: Choose 1 or more correct answers from 4 or more possible answers.
    • Short Answer: Free text answer.
    • Description: Not a question, just a facility to add some text, usually instructions for a set of following questions.
    • Essay: An essay question allows the entry of free text, which is not graded.
    • True/False: Choose whether a statement is true or false.
    • Cloze: Fill-in-the-blanks or Embedded answers question. Use bold to enter Multichoice items, italic to enter Short Answer items, and underline to enter Numerical items.
  • The Cloze question syntax for importing questions is very simple, as it does not require any knowledge of the arcane Moodle syntax; instead, use bold for drop-down menu items, and italic for fill-in text fields.
  • The plug-in supports import from and export to all languages, not just English.
  • Questions can be quickly previewed in Moodle, as you are creating them in Word.
  • Equations edited in Microsoft Equation Editor in Word are converted into MathML in Moodle, and can be displayed using MathJax.


The question import facility requires the Microsoft Word file to specify what language the 'labels' used in question tables are in, for example, "Default mark", "General feedback", etc. This is specified in a custom document property called moodleLanguage in the Word file. If you export questions from Moodle into Word, or if you create questions using the Word templates moodleQuestion.dotx and moodleQuestionStartup.dotm available from, then this property is automatically set in the file. If you don't, then the following message is displayed when you try to import a Word file. No questions imported because the language of the labels in the Word file does not match your current Moodle interface language. "en_us" != "en" To resolve this issue, add the property manually as follows. In Word, use the File > Info > Properties > Advanced properties command (see screenshot below) to add the property manually.

In the Properties dialog box, go to the Custom properties tab group. Enter "moodleLanguage" in the Name field and "en" (or your preferred language) in the Value field, then click the 'Add' button and the 'OK' button". The required property is now added, and Moodle will import the file OK.

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