Use Time Based Course Report

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The Use Time Based Course Report custom report (TrainingSession Report) provides a structured reporting of elapsed time by the users within a Moodle course, and presenting those detailed result conformely to the course most probable pedagogic layout.

The pedagogic organisation is compiled from the internal course setup information and will be aware of most course formats in Moodle. At least are handled :

  • Topic course format
  • Weekly course format

as standard

  • Flexipage course format (and all variants called "page")

In the former cases will the course structure be derived from section list, getting the proper order of activities and resources as setup by the editing teacher.

In the latter case will the course structure be derived from a recursive analysis of the flexipage construction, starting from first page. The recursion will essentially count on a pagemenu module that should provide the entire explorable structure of the course. In its standard implementation only published pages (that is visible by students) will be processed.


Features :

  • Per student reports : reports the entire pedagogic track with individual and summarized

presence time.

  • Per group (or training session bundled in groups) : Reports a summarized presence time

for an entire group.

  • Excel exports of individual timesheet.
  • Excel export of a group timesheet as an Excel multiple individual sheet.
  • Time range filter.
  • Graphical display of progression (progressbars)

Progression display

The course progression is essentially displayed compiling all accessed items within the entire course layout. There is no numerical weighting of activities nor resources, so the progress indicator only gives an idea of how much of the content has been viewed and used. This should not be considered for qualitative learning analysis.



Dependencies : works with the blocks/use_stats log analyser module.


  • report/trainingsessions:view : allows accessing to the reports sheets.

Reference, information, development and support Status : Moodle 2.0 Sumitted